Processing trillions of points


Example based on actual data provided by SOMAGUE Engenharia, main civil engineering and construction company of Portugal, in 597 files in binary format LIDAR covering an area of 502 x 41 km with an accuracy of 0.25m. The resulting model has 3,000 Million points with a filling percentage of less than 10%.

In detail

Massive data: CARTOMAP incorporates a new "BIG DATA" technology, developed by ANEBA for massive data processing in real time using millions of millions of points without loss of performance.
New algorithms: In ANEBA we have created new algorithms to meet present and future needs of our users, with graphic presentations that take place in real time regardless of the size of the point cloud.
Using existing systems: You do not need special equipment to process this information, you only need Windows 9/7 in 32 or 64 bit, 4GB of RAM, and hard disk standard. Don't requires 64 bits, no more than 4GB of RAM, and not an SSD.
For users of CARTOMAP UNLIMITED Module 3: BIG DATA CARTOMAP is an extension available at no additional cost to users of CARTOMAP UNLIMITED module 3 with current maintenance service. Thus improvements in functionality and new algorithms and importing new emerging formats will be available immediately.