A course for every need

It's that simple

All our courses are tailored to your needs and even using your data for a practical use. First we analyze what results we want to obtain and then the course outline to facilitate to obtaining of these results.
As a guideline level, a full course of CARTOMAP can last between 1 and 4 days(*) depending on the starting level, learning functionality and the number of attendees.  


Personal Online Courses

They are courses taught through the Internet via teleconference with shared desktop.


399€ by day

  • Internet connection:
    At least 3 Mbps of throughput available.
  • Headdsets:
    For audio communication.
  • CARTOMAP installed:
    In its latest version.
  • Windows 10, 8 or 7:
    Properly updated.


Classroom courses

They are courses in your offices.

Indicative price:
  • WorldWide:
    At least 6 participants
    259€ by day and by participant
    1.999€ travel expenses(*)


Self training

You can use our advanced CARTOMAP course (PDF) along with sample files.

(*) One day has an estimated 6 teaching hours duration. Travel time is considered as school hours; to further displacement will be required more days. Holidays (in Spain, or Saturday and Sunday) computed by an additional 50%.