CARTOMAP for Windows

CARTOMAP allows you to adjust your investment to your current needs without limiting your growth.

So we've created different types of capacities and modules that have been very effective to maximize the profitability of our customers.

Then we invite you to see the various modules, capabilities and license types that we offer.

If you need any clarification or additional information, please contact us through the contact page, you will receive our response as soon as possible.

Modular functionality

CARTOMAP is divided into several modules, according to their function, to adjust your investment to your current needs. In minutes you can expand your module simply by applying the price difference.


Surveying, CAD and Terrain Modeling

  • Import and export of more than 100 formats and sub-formats. Including native support for DWG / DXF / DGN, LIDAR, LandXML, GeoTIFF, ECW, GDEM, DSM, several ASCII...
  • External reference files CTM / DWG / DXF / DGN and WMS client (Web Map Services).
  • Surveyor's Field Book for to edit and view stations, points, forward/backward/orientation sights, etc.
  • Analytical topography (traverse adjustment, forward / reverse intersection, helmert...).
  • Geodetic calculator.
  • More than 250 2D/3D CAD tools. 18 types of snaps to coordinates.
  • Defining layout in plan view with multiple criteria and sub-criteria.
  • Division of plots by multiple criteria.
  • Support multiple monitors each with multiple views.
  • Listings are stored in the project with an editor and export to various formats.
  • Graphical outputs with division and rotation of plan view and with custom covers.

Profiles and Volume calculation

  • Longitudinal profiles and cross sections of natural terrain.
  • Configurable data in profiles with more than 30 criteria distribution along and across a path.
  • Data in profiles with over 40 content available and fully customizable.
  • Volume calculation by a self-adjusting mesh.
  • Volume calculation by comparative cross sections.
  • Generation and interactive volume calculation of platforms and landfills.
  • Multiple views (2D, longitudinal, cross sections) fully interactive with each other.
  • Composite output of multiple planes (2D, profiles, cross sections, cover...).

Engineering Projects and
3D Views

  • Terrain modelling with trillions of points (LIDAR, echo sounder multibeam, DSM, GDEM...).
  • Terrain modeling based on Google Maps elevation data.
  • Project export to Google Earth.
  • Analytical, graphical and interactive editing of gradients.
  • Cross section template editor. Slopes with varying slope and berm by stratum of the terrain.
  • Terrain strata with thickness and dip.
  • Assignments, along a path, of superelevations, overwidenings, terrain type, topsoil layer, replacement ditches...
  • Terrain model generation based on the projected work with one clic.
  • Earthworks by cross section layers, with topsoil, replacement ditches, types of terrain...
  • Monthly earthwork between previous and actual terrain models.
  • 3D views, static and dinamic, with textures, lighting, 3DS objects...
  • Orthophotos and other images draped over the terrain model in 3D views.
  • Autohiding of the terrain model affected by the project in 3D views.
  • Direct video recording of dinamic 3D views in Full HD.


  • Incorporation of geotechnical probes including position and list of materials and thickness.
  • Generation of terrain geotechnical models.
  • Report of geotechnical probes.
  • Report of volumes by materials.
  • 3D view with opacity / transparency control of the model, of each material and of the areas affected by the probes.


CARTOMAP has two capabilities that let you adjust your investment by the size of your current projects. In a minutes you can expand for treat the bigger projects, by simply applying the price difference.


10.000 points

It is limited to 10,000 survey points per project.
Suitable for land surveying companies that use total stations and GPS data in medium sized projects.


Without limits

It has no limits for to work with Trillions of points (LIDAR, DSM, GDEM...) and big volume of information (cartography, restitution, WMS...).
The best option for construction, mining, urban planning, or civil engineering companies.

License Types

We have professional and educational licenses, concurrent in a local network, with great mobility, or more affordable for to use in a PC.

By type of license


Linked to
a Computer

A license linked to a PC by an activation key.
It can be deinstalled for to be moved to another PC.
In a few minutes you can use CARTOMAP anywhere around globe.


Linked to
a USB key

One or more licenses linked to an USB identification key that can be connected to any PC or server on your local network.
Mobility is complete and you can use concurrent licenses in the same local network.

By number of licenses



It is the first license a customer acquires and entitles her to purchase additional licenses at a discounted price.



Additional licenses can be purchased at a discounted price if the customer has a CARTOMAP main license of equal or greater capacity and functionality.
We also offer license packages at lower prices.

By type of use



For its use with commercial purposes.
A special case is when this license will be used for EnvironmentalProtection or Disaster Recovery purposes, in this case an important bonification applies.


CARTOMAP Educational

Only for educational purposes in universities with a degree in any Engineering related to Civil Engineering, Surveying, Mining...
Licenses for 30 or more computers in a local network that are renewable in a yearly basis.


The requirements for CARTOMAP use are easy to accomplish.

  • Operating System

    Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7.
  • CPU

    No minimum required. For CARTOMAP UNLIMITED an Intel i7 Core is a great option.
  • Memory

    Minimum 2 GB. For CARTOMAP UNLIMITED, 4GB is recommended.
  • Hard disk

    700MB for setup.
  • Graphics Card

    Supported by Windows and compatible with OpenGL 2.1 or higher for 3D views.
    Recommended minimum resolution: Full HD (1920 x 1080).
  • Monitor

    We recommend, for desktop systems, the use of Full HD displays in 22" to 27" size.
  • printers and plotters

    Any printer or plotter with a Microsoft-certified Windows driver.